Designing and Living By a Vision of the Future Rather Than a Blueprint of the Past

Have you heard it said that some people live 90 years, and some live 1 year 90 times? Why is that? Because if we aren’t designing and living by a vision of the future, we wake up each morning and go throughout our day, living by a memory (or a blueprint) of the past.

Growing up, most of us weren’t taught to live by a vision of the future, so most of us have been living our lives by default or on auto-pilot… Up until now…

What does it mean to live by a vision of the future? It means that we must BE the something that we desire, before we actually HAVE it. I’ll explain how, but first I want to mention that most of us were programmed to think that we must HAVE, DO, then BE. We think that when we HAVE the thing we desire, then we can DO the things we want, then we will BE the thing we desire. For example: We think if we HAVE a desired outcome in our circumstances in the world, then we can DO creative things or the things we want to do, then we can BE happy.

That’s actually backwards. if you want true success in any area of your life. We cannot wait for our circumstances to change before we have the desires of our hearts. It’s an inside-out job; not outside-in.

So, the truth is first we must BE the thing we desire, then we DO what we need (are inspired) to do, and then we HAVE the thing we want. It’s not up to our circumstances. Are you with me? This is GREAT news!

So how do we BE something that we aren’t yet? That’s where the VISION comes in. You must design the life that you would love living, before you can actually get there. You must have a DESTINATION in mind, AND you must CONNECT EMOTIONALLY with that vision. “As a man thinketh in his HEART, so is he” – (Proverbs 23:7).

If you don’t know what you desire yet, just pick something. Your vision may change and take a different form as you begin working with it. In fact, if you are new to this concept, I can almost guarantee you that it will evolve and change along the way. BUT the true gift is in the journey, it’s your BECOMING along the way. You are no longer living one year, 90 times! You are no longer being fearful and feeling helpless about the circumstance around you.

As you work with this concept, you begin recognizing the power within you and all around you. You will be living your life by design, a life that when you wake up in the mornings, you will actually say and feel, “I LOVE my life!” It won’t matter what’s going on in our economy or in your circumstances. You’ll know and understand that God is already working out all of those things. God created this amazing universe, and the powers within it are always working. You are creating your life now, whether by default or by design. If you want to begin designing a fulfilling, purpose-filled life, your only job is to take your focus away from the things you do not want, and place your attention and emotional connection to the things you do want, your vision.

There is an art to how you design this vision. This means that you want to write it in such a way that you will be able to connect to it emotionally (with your heart). You want to COME ALIVE while reading and connecting with your vision. You want to feel as if you are living that life NOW.

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Where do you start? You receive two signals from the Universe that you can explore. The two signals are:  your LONGING and your DISCONTENT. 

Let’s start with your longing.  What are you longing for in your life?  What would you want to have more of?  What do you want to accomplish before your last breath on this Earth?  Would you love better relationships? A perfect partner, perhaps? A better job or career? Better health? More time and money freedom? What are you longing for? 

Let’s explore your discontent. What do you want less of in your life?  What is causing contraction inside of you? Are there any particular areas in your life where you have more discontent – in your relationships, vocation, health, or time/money freedom? 

As you are creating this vision, you want to put the HOW on hold. The HOW will be revealed to you along the way.

What would you love to see in the area of your relationships?  If it all worked out.  If we had a magic wand and said you could have anything your heart truly desired, what would that look like?  Would you have a better marriage?  Would you find your perfect partner?  Would you have better relationships with family, friends, etc? 

What about your career?  Do you have a job? Do you love your job?  What would you love to see happen in that area? What about your Health?  Would you love more energy?  More motivation?  Would you love to lose weight? Exercise more?  What would you love?  Finally, what about your time/money freedom? IF ANYTHING WERE POSSIBLE what are you doing with your time freedom?  What are you doing with your money freedom?  What are you giving?  What are you doing? 

To live by a vision of the future, you must get in touch with your desires.  The Latin meaning of the word De-Sire is Of the Father. Our true innermost desires come from God.  It’s your compass to living your true purpose. 

Pay attention to your desires. Do a self-assessment by looking at your results.  Notice and pay attention to your longing and discontent, so that you can begin creating a life you’d love.

Use your imagination just like you did when you were a little kid.  What would you love?  Write it down.  Be careful not to write down what you don’t want, write the vision in positive language, expressing what you would love.  Start your vision with these words: I AM SO HAPPY AND GRATEFUL NOW THAT I AM…

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In the meanwhile, I want to leave you with some food for thought… To get to where you want to go, you gotta have a destination in mind.  But how?

1.     When you are discovering what it is you would love for your life, it may be a bigger, better version of something you are already doing, or something you may have done or wanted to do even as a child. You may have pushed a desire aside because you didn’t believe it was possible for you.  Get curious about it, and ask yourself in a quiet moment, maybe just before bed, “What would I love?” or “What’s my next best steps?” Pray about it.  “Ask and ye shall receive…seek and ye shall find…”

2.     When you picture yourself doing what you want, it should feel expansive and life-giving.  It shouldn’t ever feel contractive.You want to connect emotionally. You want to COME ALIVE when you think about it.

3.     Try not to limit yourself.  Don’t ask yourself what you think you can do or what people say you should do or limit yourself to what you are doing now.  Ask yourself, if nothing were impossible, (because it’s not…” With God ALL things are possible…”), if ANYTHING were possible, what would you love to be, do, have?

This is how you begin designing and living by a vision of the future. If you don’t do the work, you will certainly live your life by default, or by a memory of the past. That’s the program we live by when we are living by default. Our brains are memories of the past. I encourage you to introduce your mind to new memories; memories of the future. You will be glad you did.

As my gift to you, I am offering a few complimentary COME ALIVE assessments each week.

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